DON'T MISS 2015 is another must see event
here be some bands
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2015 Here We Come!!!

1Greeting Blues Lovers! South Channel Promotions Pty Ltd and the Blues At The Briars are pleased to announce our 2015 festival date is the 31st January. After the Hot music this year  and the even hotter weather, we are well into planning for next year. We have ordered 27 degress and sunny with a balmy night to bring it hiome this time around so get excited. Early bird incentives for you loyal crew as well as more stuff for the littlies, raffles , prizes and giveaways, just to name a few. There are whispers of International appearances and exciting collabarations formed just for us. Tix will be on sale from next week, and our artist lineup will evolve from there. Rest assured, the lineup will bring diverse, established and up and coming acts once again, all top notch of course. Get on board, get excited and get in early.

Bring it on! Make sure you follow our site here for regular updates, artist announcements and much much more. Kind Regards Minx and Rob

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